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If this is your first time at LIKE BIKE Studio or your first time trying Indoor Cycling, there are a few things you will want to know.


  • We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to ride start time.  

  • Sign in at the counter and confirm that you have signed the Waiver. 

  • Your RIDE GUIDE likely will greet you, introduce you to the bike, guide you through adjusting the seat, handlebars and ask about your goals for the class.  Should they not recognize you as a new rider, please tell them. 

  • Wear clothing that you would be in comfortable in, when riding an outdoor bike.  Cycling shoes with cleats are strongly encouraged but not required.  Our SC3 bikes accommodate both delta and SPD cleat styles.  Additionally, we offer a variety of "loner" shoes for use in the Studio on a first come, first serve basis.    

  • Bring at least 16oz of water.  There is bottled water for purchase in the Studio. 

  • We provide cleans towels to use during your ride but feel free to bring your own if you wish.  LIKE BIKE towels do not leave the Studio.  

  • Rides longer than 30 mins will have a warm-up period.  Once the ride has begun, please refrain from leaving the cycling room for anything less than urgent.  If you know you will be leaving class early, please let your RIDE GUIDE know before ride starts. 

  • Your RIDE GUIDE will guide you throughout the ride and cue you to interval changes. RIDE GUIDES will get off their bike and check on riders and/or instruct from the floor. Ride to your goals and do notify your GUIDE of any issues.  Each rider will ride to their own personal goals and abilities.  

  • At the conclusion of each ride there is a period of stretch.  We encourage you to take that time.  And it does take time--in fact, 30 seconds per stretch to be effective. 

  • There may only be one staff member in the Studio during a class.  If you arrive after ride start time, you might find the door locked. It is for the safety and a courtesy to everyone in the ride.  If your're running late, call/text the Studio!

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