LIKE BIKE is Wickenburg's premier Indoor Cycling Studio featuring the Stages SC3 training bike and Stages Flight Program.  At LIKE BIKE we are all about ENERGY that inspires, ATTITUDE that encourages and COMMITMENT that doesn't know quit. 


Indoor Cycling offers high intensity, low impact exercise in a controlled and safe environment.  It also allows each rider to be challenged exactly where they are.  This is group exercise AND individual performance.  So forget about the weather and leave that ugly helmet at home! 


  Join us in the Studio and explore the ease and depth of the Stages Flight Program--training with POWER and where your fitness level is sure to take off!  Get access to your own account and create personal fitness goals while tracking and comparing your progress anytime from anywhere.  In class we'll use the Stages Flight program for live performance data, competition modes, GPS rides and much more.  You're going to be amazed where LIKE BIKE will take you physically, mentally and virtually!


Our facility is specifically designed with one focus -- rider experience.​

Our lobby is modern and sleek and where members check-in for class, stow away personal items and change footwear.  We offer hanging racks, seating, and storage bins. 

 Our cycling room is separate from the lobby to keep disruption and distractions to a minimum. 

The cycling room features two rows of bikes at 3 different elevations.  There isn't a bad seat in the house!  Not that there could be with our 120" large screen display.  Walls and ceiling are completely lined with acoustic foam to eliminate the headache and allow us to pump up the sound.  And as if that weren't enough, we use the crystal clear Sonos sound system.  Air is kept circulating with 4 commercial grade wall mounted fans. And finally, floors are rubberized because our hard work is the kind that shows up as sweat on the floor!


We can't wait to see you in the Studio and have you EXPERIENCE THE RIDE INSIDE!